About Us

      Literacy Volunteers/Midyork Inc. is a non -profit volunteer organization.

We envision a America where literacy is recognized as an essential life skill. We believe that literacy can transform the lives of learners and the lives of the people around them. Our goal is to enable adults in need of Basic Literacy and/or English as a Second Language skills to achieve their potential through literacy instruction.

Programs like ours have been proven to make a difference. The issue of adult literacy is a serious problem and one that impacts everyone.

                                        MISSION STATEMENT

Literacy Volunteers of America /Midyork Inc. believes that the ability to read and write is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. The mission of LVA/Midyork, therefore, is to promote increased literacy for adult learners by teaching Basic and Family Literacy and English as a Second Language through the effective use of volunteers, the provision of support services for volunteers and learners, and collaboration with individuals, groups or organizations desiring to foster increased literacy.